Personal data

Protecting your personal data is central to Renault Group’s values

Compliance with regulations relating to personal data protection constitutes an opportunity to build trust between the group and its stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, employee). Since trust is a value which the Renault Group particularly values, personal data protection is one of our ethical references in the conduct of our actions.

As such, the group has launched a regulatory compliance program based on governance, procedures and tools dedicated to protecting everyone’s personal data.

As part of this program, Renault Group has:

Using your personal data with transparency

In the course of its activities, Renault Group collects, uses and stores some of your personal data, i.e. Information that makes it possible to identify you. The group intends to ensure the greatest transparency in the processing it performs on the personal data you provide to it or on the personal data it collects through the various contacts you may have with it.

The group’s privacy policies aim to inform you of the conditions of use of your personal data by Renault Group, as well as the rights and options you have to control your data and protect your privacy.

The group uses your personal data in particular to manage its relationship with you, improve its products and services, manage its research and development activities and organize its events.

More detailed information regarding the processing of your personal data (in particular the procedure to follow to exercise your rights) is provided to you at the time that your personal data is collected, on each of the group’s websites (information on the protection of your personal data), mobile application or contractual documentation supplied to you.

For information relating to personal data that we automatically collect, such as ip address and cookies, a cookie policy is also available on each of renault’s websites or mobile applications.

The use of your personal data with respect to obligations

Renault strives to comply with all applicable obligations relating to the protection of personal data.

As such, the group renault ensures that each processing of personal data complies with the principles arising from the applicable regulations:

Safe use of your data

Renault Group works to ensure that all your personal data is secure for the duration of its storage, in particular against any unauthorised use or disclosure. To this end, the group renault implements physical and logical security measures tailored to the sensitivity of the personal data and the processing carried out and which comply with professional best practices and the standards imposed on it.

If despite all the measures that we have put in place, you notice that your personal data has been exposed to a security incident, you can inform us at any time at this address: We will then take the necessary measures to put an end to said incident.

Renault is also legally obliged to verify that your data is accurate, complete and updated as necessary.

Renault Group allows you to exercise your rights

The group makes every effort to guarantee you control your personal data.

The rights which you benefit from under the gdpr are as follows:

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority in your country in order to file a complaint against the data protection and privacy practices of the group. We encourage you to contact us prior to any claim, so that we may attempt to resolve your problem together.

If you wish to exercise these rights or if you have questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, we invite you to contact us via the contact details mentioned in the information notices applicable in your country.

This policy may be updated. You are therefore invited to review it regularly.